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Railroads Online


Build your dream railroad across a huge open world! You can build tracks and stations, drive detailed locomotives, and transport goods to earn money and experience. Play exciting Online Multiplayer sessions with your friends or create your very own sandbox! 

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Build and run your dream railroad

with all the bells and whistles! 


Design your dream rail network from the ground up. Explore the world, scout the best routes, and lay down embankments, switches, turntables, and more. Then select and build tracks, bridges, and other infrastructure buildings before crossing the vast, open landscape in finely detailed locomotives and wagons. Interact with regulators, valves, brakes, couplers, and many more features in first-person view, as you drive your vehicles.


Set in a huge open world reminiscent of the Americas during the golden age of steam trains, Railroads Online puts you in the role of a pioneer helping to shape the future of America. Build tracks, traverse vast landscapes in various steam locomotives, transport goods to earn money, and customize and buy new locomotives and equipment as you grow to become a railroad tycoon. Play alone or with up to 16 players on 3 large maps, including Lake Valley, Aurora Falls, and Pine Valley, in the online cooperative multiplayer mode.


But you won't simply be driving around aimlessly! Your mission is to build up your company by transporting goods for a broad range of industries across the country, including timber, ore, coal, cattle, gold, and other various freight items. Earn money for every successful shipment and invest in new vehicles or upgrade and customize your existing locomotives. Plus: build stations, yards, and other infrastructure along your routes to service your trains with fuel, water, and sand. You can also build a wide variety of iconic buildings and objects to create a beautiful landscape for your railroad network.

Play the Railroad Sandbox with

up to 16 players

Enjoy a realistic railroad experience with the advanced Unreal Engine 5 physics system for deep railroad simulation. All collisions and forces are rendered dynamically in real time, making your train driving experience that much more immersive. So, be careful not to derail your train!



And to top it all off, you can play Railroads Online with up to 16 players on a server and enjoy the ultimate train simulation in multiplayer sessions with your friends. Lay tracks and work together to move your trains seamlessly, or share the work while you play independently. It’s also possible to save and load your progress, so you can enjoy the best tracks or most creative layouts again and again.

If you like trains, start your journey today!


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Who is working on Railroads Online?

We have a diverse team of individuals that are skilled in Texturing, Modeling, coding and QA. This team has expanded over the past year. We are happy to have such a skilled team working on the game and all share the same vision.

What is Railroads Online?

Railroads Online is a huge open world sandbox for train enthusiasts. You can build tracks and stations, drive detailed locomotives, and transport goods to earn money and experience. Play exciting Online Multiplayer sessions with your friends or create your very own sandbox! 

Where can I find the roadmap?

The roadmap is posted on our Trello page. Follow the link to visit Trello:

Where can I find my save games?

You can find your save game here:

C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\arr\Saved\SaveGames

Where can I find or provide map-save-files?

On the official Discord, you can use save-files to upload/download players and developer made saves for you to play on.

System requirements


OS Version

Windows 10 (64-bit)


Intel Core i3 2.4GHz




NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB


30GB available space